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"Songs of Living Faith"

  1. A New Song .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
  2. Sing My Heart To Thee .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
  3. When Jesus Comes Again .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
  4. The Rod Of Iron .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
  5. A Carpenter's Son * .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
  6. Take Up Your Cross .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
  7. My Friend, My Jesus .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
  8. Forever Faithful .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
  9. He Loves Me .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
10. I Believe .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
11. Thou Art With Me .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
12. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
13. This Child's Blessing .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
14. I Never Realized .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
15. Sing Unto The Lord (A New Song) .mp3 -- (Lyrics)
16. I Will Praise Thee, O Lord .mp3 -- (Lyrics)

Words & Music written by Gary Livingston
© Copyright 2014 by Gary Livingston.  All rights reserved

* "A Carpenter's Son" - Words by Donna Hawley, Music by Gary Livingston
© Copyright 2011 by Donna Hawley & Gary Livingston.  All rights reserved


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I Believe
A New Song
Sing My Heart To Thee
I Will Praise Thee, O Lord
When Jesus Comes Again

I am starting to write and record new material again. Feel free to check out my "New Works in Progress" page.